Gyroscope is reconstructing Web3 market infrastructure in a more resilient and transparent manner.

Revolution in Resilience

Beget Trust

Transparent automation is one of the core value propositions of Web3 and is a foundation for trust. From rules-based monetary policy, to providing clarity over the current system state - Gyroscope will be transparent and based on smart-contract encoded rules.

Governed By Users

While short-term responses can be automated, decentralized governance must lead the long-term evolution. Toward this end, we combine the best of technology and community to create “a cyberspace not only occupied, but governed by its citizens” [1]. Gyroscope will ensure that everyone participating in the protocol is empowered to govern its evolution.

Open Infrastructure

There is great merit in building from first principles and adopting good ideas irrespective of where they come from. While the bar must be high, existing ‘lego blocks’ [2] should be repurposed whenever possible. The Gyroscope protocol should always be open to ideas, users, and developers.

[1]: Optimism, ‘The Optimistic Vision’, https://www.optimism.io/vision

[2]: Buterin, ‘Ethereum Whitepaper’, https://ethereum.org/en/whitepaper/

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